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Refrigerated Containers

Portable Refrigeration Units For Rent

Are you involved in an industry where your company’s goods must be kept at a safe and cool temperature to preserve their quality? We supply a range of cold/freeze mobile refrigeration units for rent tailored toward your business’s storage needs.

Our refrigerated storage container rentals are designed to store goods within a temperature range between -40c and 30c. They have the highest standard stainless steel interior, offering enhanced durability and making them easy to clean. Select from a range of dimensions, including 10ft, 20ft, 40 ft, and 45ft, so you’ll always have enough storage space.

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Hiring vs. Buying

Refrigerated Storage Units

Are you confused about whether to buy or hire a refrigerated storage container? We get it; between trying to determine the costs and what option will be more profitable for your business can be stressful, especially when you don’t know a professional to assist you.

When you hire a refrigerated storage shipping container, it comes with unbelievable benefits, including affordability, reliable performance, constant support, and much more. Purchasing a reefer freezer is similar, only they’re much more expensive.

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Our Refrigerated Shipping Containers Range

10 FT Refrigerated Storage Containers

Increase your storage capabilities with our 10 ft refrigerated unit hire, perfect if your company needs a little extra space so your cold room isn’t clogged up with stock that won’t be used over the coming months. All units are three-phase powered, with cutting-edge insulation, and sustainably designed.

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20 FT Refrigerated Storage Containers

20 FT portable storage refrigeration units are a happy medium for many companies that require additional storage. 28 cubic metres and suited for grocery stores that require extra room for frozen goods.

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40 FT Refrigerated Storage Containers

Featuring a massive floor space of 56 cubic metres, our 40 ft refrigerated temperature controlled storage containers for rent can fit the size of a large home gym inside. If your business has placed bulk orders and needs to store stock over an extended period of time, the 40 FT units are the answer.

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45 FT Refrigerated Storage Containers

The largest of our four cold storage solutions, the 45 portable refrigeration unit rentals, have been manufactured with major supermarket chains in mind. Providing maximum space, superior cold room container doors, and sliding PVC curtains, this stands as our top choice.

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Industries Served By Refrigerated Container Solutions

Fridge Rentals works with companies in every commercial sector, including big-name restaurants, local supermarkets, multinational pharmaceutical companies, and many more. No two companies have the same storage needs; everyone has their own stock types and counts, and we’re here to serve them.


Fridge Rentals has served pharmaceutical firms all over Ireland for years with our top-tier storage reefer/refrigerated container hires. Our advanced facilities have allowed them to control their medicine so that the quality can be upheld until their products reach their customers.


We offer many different solutions for your retails business, our units are delighted to keep all of your perishable goods in the best condition as well as storage solutions for your frozen produce, wither its Furit & Veg or Meat & fish we have a cold rooms avaialble to meet your needs


We know the hospitality sector comes with huge event demands. One day, your venue could be hosting a wedding; the next, it could be a concert. Our portable reefer storage units feature adjustable temperature controls, so you can always stay on top on your upcoming occasions.


Keep your catering produce fresh with our reefer container rentals that will assist you in overcoming the ups and downs of the high and low seasons. Get ahead of the game and always have additional storage space in case you have a last-minute booking.

Why Hire From Fridge Rentals


Benefit from full-scale assistance with the help of our team, from arranging to maintenance whenever you need it.


Have confidence in Fridge Rentals to help you find a mobile refrigerated container for rent that aligns with your company’s needs.


You can rely on our knowledgeable team to support and guide you throughout the entire rental journey.

Network and Logistics

Count on our timely support, made possible by our comprehensive network and efficient logistics infrastructure.

What People Say About Our Refrigerated Containers


Fridge Rentals have saved me A LOT of money, thanks to my new 20 ft refrigerator. Thanks guys.


Worked wonders for our bakery; never have to worry about our dough going out of date again.


Incredibly happy with our unit. Reliable space for my pharmaceutical supplies.


I had never ordered a reefer container before, so I was a bit nervous. Thankfully, my nerves were squashed within minutes of chatting to Fridge Rentals; what a system they have going on!


Everything works how I expected it. Five stars for Fridge Rentals.


Delighted with our new 10 ft refrigerator. Thanks to Fridge Rentals, we don't have to worry about the summer.


A complicated process made easy with Fridge Rental. Keep up the good work.


Fridge Rentals went above and beyond to help me find the right storage unit for my company. A cracking team of experts!


I was very happy with Fridge Rental's service; it was professional, and their prices were hard to beat.


Honest, reliable and great communication, just what you want when hiring a container for your business.


I cannot rate this place higher. Fantastic job, lads.


If you need a refrigeration unit near you in Dublin, Fridge Rentals is the place to go.


All I can say is, wow, easily Ireland's best cold storage rental company. Delighted with the service from start to finish.


These guys' on-site storage spaces have made myself and my staff's life a lot easier. Can't recommend Fridge Rentals enough!


You can never go wrong with Fridge Rentals; it was such a simple and professional process all throughout. Thanks again, guys.

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