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10ft Refrigerated Containers

Reefer Container For Rent & Sale

Fridge Rentals provides an extensive selection of 10 ft reefer containers for rental and sale in Dublin and all across Ireland. We offer a range of both brand-new and refurbished fitted units with either Thermoking or Carrier Transicold engines suited for all excess stock you need to store away.

Store your consignments in your own 10 ft reefer container with adjustable temperatures between -40c and 30c, 24/7 remote monitoring systems with real-time data, slip-resistant aluminium flooring and emergency panic buttons.
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When it comes to quality, our 10 ft refrigerated temperature control storage containers for rent and sale are hard to beat. Central to our product are exclusive features such as:

  • 3 phased units that create a balanced electricity distribution.
  • Stainless steel interior.
  • Adaptable door types.
  • Superior insulation.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Customizable temperature range.
  • Modern alarm system with a panic button.
  • Remote surveillance.
  • Sliding PVC curtains.
  • Designed to make minimum noise.
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Hiring vs. Buying

10ft Refrigerated Container

There’s one decision you have to make before obtaining a 10 ft refrigerated container. Do you want to buy it or hire it?
Both options come with their benefits and drawbacks. Hiring is the cheaper option and requires less maintenance, whereas purchasing a unit gives you more freedom to do what you want with it, but it costs more.

Have a chat with us today and get a free quote, and we can help you decide what 10 ft reefer container is for you.

Industries We Serve

Since Fridge Rentals has been providing 10ft refrigerated containers for sale and rent, we have assisted enterprises from all backgrounds around Ireland, from hospitality to pharmaceutical, to protect the quality of their goods by supplying them with the additional space they need to store their products at the right temperature.


We have been a reliable partner to countless pharmaceutical companies across the nation, serving them with the finest 10 ft refrigerated container for hire on the market. Displaying the latest technology, our units put the power into the client’s hands and allow them to have control over their medicine while maintaining an excellent standard.


Many of Ireland’s main restaurant owners have decided to lease our 10 ft reefer containers to give their chefs breathing space in the kitchen and retain their ingredients’ freshness and quality so their customers are always satisfied and keep coming back for more.


Refrigerated containers aren’t the only storage solutions Fridge Rentals offer. Take advantage of our non-refrigerated dry 10 ft units for retail companies, providing ample space to efficiently store your next delivery, whether it’s clothes or electronics.


Entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry are some of our biggest clients. With our 10 ft refrigerated containers, they can stock up on supplies, including food and beverages, for their busy periods, so they don’t have to make any last-minute orders when they run out.


Our 10 ft reefer containers have long been used by businesses in the catering industry to store vast quantities of foods like special ingredients, fruits, pre-made meals and much more, helping them to avoid any wastage and control their stock better.

Why Hire From Fridge Rentals


Enjoy comprehensive guidance with Fridge Rentals and our partners. We’ll help you get started with everything, including shipping, installation and maintenance.


Trust us to source the correct 10 ft refrigerated container required for your company.


Let our skilled team guide you through the rental process and give you advice where you need it so you don’t run into any issues down the line.

Network and Logistics

We’re here whenever you need us, facilitated by our wide-reaching network and optimised logistics system.

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