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Temperature Controlled Containers

Temperature Controlled Storage Container for Rent

At Fridge Rentals, we supply a range of temperature controlled storage containers in several sizes for our clients, including 10 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft and 45 ft. From brand-new units to refurbished containers, we have plenty of options that will align with your company’s budget.

Have your climate controlled storage container delivered to your company’s grounds anywhere in Ireland, or free up some space at your warehouse and store your stock at our site in Dublin 11.

Our temperature controlled units boast unique features, from high-tech monitoring systems to modifiable temperature settings.
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Hiring vs. Buying

Temperature Controlled Containers

Fridge Rentals high spec temperature controlled containers for hiring and sale.

Leasing a temperature controlled storage unit near you is an excellent option if you only require it short term. Little maintenance, it’s cost-effective, and there’s no need to worry about how you’ll get rid of it when you’re finished.

Buying a temperature controlled unit is worth your while if you need it long term. Yes, it’s a big investment at the start, but after you pay for it, you only have to worry about the maintenance.

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Our Temperature Controlled Units Range

10ft Temperature Controlled Units

Made with small businesses in mind, boost your storage potential at the right thermal setting using our 10ft climate controlled containers, a great solution for companies seeking a little extra capacity without going overboard.

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20ft Temperature Controlled Units

One of our best selling temperature controlled containers is the 20 ft unit, featuring 33 cubic metres of storage space. The unit is manufactured with high-grade materials for security purposes; your goods will always be protected.

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40ft Temperature Controlled Units

Among the larger shipping climate controlled containers we offer is the 40 ft temperature controlled storage unit.

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45ft Temperature Controlled Units

The largest of our climate-controlled containers stretches 45 ft, with 85 cubic metres of space.

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Industries Served By Temperature Controlled Container Solutions

Fridge Rentals has equipped businesses from a host of different industries with our dry and refrigeration storage units, working with up-and-coming companies, local organisations and large corporations. Our high-quality units and applauded customer service have earned us many loyal clients.

With clients in hospitality, food service, retail, pharmaceuticals and catering, our units are tried and tested in a range of settings.


We understand the importance of keeping products at precise temperatures, hugely significant in the pharmaceutical industry. For many years, some of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Ireland have entrusted us to handle their goods with care, thanks to our reliable, 24-hour monitoring system. Our refrigeration storage units have helped companies keep vaccines, medicines and drugs at optimum temperatures in both small and large-scale rentals.


Restaurants, cafes and supermarkets all over Ireland can use our temperature controlled storage units to keep their food fresh and ensure their stock meets the highest standards.

We recognise that some premises simply lack the space to safely store all refrigerated goods, so we provide our clients with additional cold storage solutions at our Dublin 11 headquarters if necessary.


Our client base also extends to retail enterprises. Stores often require temperature controlled storage units.


Businesses in the hospitality industry frequently find themselves in need of extra storage space to ensure they can safely maintain their stocks during busy periods. Our refrigeration storage units enable hotels and venues to keep up with the demand of weddings, communions and seasonal events without worrying about where they can stockpile their goods.


We have been working with countless Irish catering companies for many years to help them facilitate upcoming events ahead of time. It can be challenging for caterers to find solutions to their stock needs, as each event requires different volumes and types of food and drink, so if they have something stored with us, they know where to get it.

Why Hire From Fridge Rentals


Get professional assistance with delivering your unit, setting it up and maintenance in the future when you hire or lease with Fridge Rentals.


Our team of specialists will secure your temperature controlled unit, customised with the features you want.


Chat with Fridge Rentals for advice regarding any questions, and choose the right rental/purchase for you with our help.

Network and Logistics

Working together with Fridge Rentals means you’re never alone, backed by our vast logistics network.

What People Say About Our Temperature Controlled Containers


Fridge Rentals have saved me A LOT of money, thanks to my new 20 ft refrigerator. Thanks guys.


Worked wonders for our bakery; never have to worry about our dough going out of date again.


Incredibly happy with our unit. Reliable space for my pharmaceutical supplies.


I had never ordered a reefer container before, so I was a bit nervous. Thankfully, my nerves were squashed within minutes of chatting to Fridge Rentals; what a system they have going on!


Everything works how I expected it. Five stars for Fridge Rentals.


Delighted with our new 10 ft refrigerator. Thanks to Fridge Rentals, we don't have to worry about the summer.


A complicated process made easy with Fridge Rental. Keep up the good work.


Fridge Rentals went above and beyond to help me find the right storage unit for my company. A cracking team of experts!


I was very happy with Fridge Rental's service; it was professional, and their prices were hard to beat.


Honest, reliable and great communication, just what you want when hiring a container for your business.


I cannot rate this place higher. Fantastic job, lads.


If you need a refrigeration unit near you in Dublin, Fridge Rentals is the place to go.


All I can say is, wow, easily Ireland's best cold storage rental company. Delighted with the service from start to finish.


These guys' on-site storage spaces have made myself and my staff's life a lot easier. Can't recommend Fridge Rentals enough!


You can never go wrong with Fridge Rentals; it was such a simple and professional process all throughout. Thanks again, guys.

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