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Shipping Containers For Sale Dublin

Shipping Containers for Sale in Dublin: Quality Storage and Transport Solutions

Are you searching for reliable shipping containers for sale in Dublin? At Fridge Rentals, we specialise in offering high-quality shipping containers to meet your storage and transport needs. Whether for personal or business use, our containers ensure that your valuable goods remain secure. Built to endure the demands of Dublin’s climate, our containers offer unparalleled durability and adaptability.

Understanding Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are versatile storage and transport units, crucial to the global logistics network. Their robust construction protects cargo over long distances and ensures the safe delivery of various goods. Beyond this, their adaptability allows them to be used for many creative purposes beyond traditional storage and shipping.

Types of Shipping Containers

  • Standard Dry Containers: The most common container type, suitable for dry goods and personal items.
  • Reefer Containers: Refrigerated containers for transporting perishable goods requiring stable temperatures.
  • Open-Top Containers: Ideal for transporting oversized or heavy cargo that cannot fit through standard container doors.
  • Flat Rack Containers: Useful for machinery and oversized goods, these containers load from the side or top.

Why Choose Fridge Rentals for Your Shipping Container Needs?

  1. Durable Construction: Our containers are constructed with high-quality, corrosion-resistant steel, ensuring they withstand harsh weather and tough handling. This guarantees the longevity and durability of your investment.
  2. Versatile Solutions: We offer containers in various sizes, from 10-foot to 40-foot units. This versatility ensures that whether you need adaptable transport or secure on-site storage, we have the perfect solution.
  3. Competitive Pricing: We value your investment and offer competitive pricing for both new and refurbished containers, ensuring you receive quality without overspending.
  4. Custom Modifications: Need a bespoke container? We can provide modifications ranging from windows and doors to unique interiors for office spaces, workshops, and retail units.
  5. Prompt Delivery to Dublin: Our team ensures your shipping container reaches your desired location in Dublin efficiently and safely. We’ll coordinate closely to deliver your container when you need it.
  6. Exceptional Support: Our team will guide you through the selection process and provide after-sales support to help with maintenance or modifications.

Applications for Shipping Containers

  • Storage Solutions: On-site or off-site storage for equipment, tools, files, and other valuable goods.
  • Transport and Logistics: Secure transportation of goods across long distances via road, rail, or sea.
  • Modular Office Spaces: Temporary or permanent office space for job sites or events.
  • Retail Pop-Up Shops: Flexible and mobile solutions for seasonal retail businesses.
  • Residential Uses: Tiny homes, modular apartments, and student accommodation.
  • Workshops and Studios: Ideal for art studios, woodworking workshops, and design spaces.
  • Event Spaces: Unique venues for weddings, corporate functions, or exhibitions.

Choosing the Right Shipping Container

Selecting a suitable shipping container involves understanding your specific needs and how different containers address them.

  • Size: Make sure the container can hold your cargo or application comfortably. If unsure, our experts will gladly assess your requirements.
  • Type: Every container type serves specific applications. Let us help you select the best one, whether it’s an open-top, flat rack, or reefer container.
  • Condition: New containers offer maximum durability, while refurbished or second-hand containers provide cost-effective reliability.
  • Customisation: Determine whether you need specific features, like windows, shelving, or air conditioning, for your container to be fully functional.

Get in Touch Now!

Don’t let storage or transportation issues hold you back. Contact Fridge Rentals today to explore our range of shipping containers for sale in Dublin. Our team is here to guide you to the ideal solution that fits your budget and requirements. Contact us through our website, or call us directly for a consultation and personalised advice.


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