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Maintenance and Repair Service

Maintenance and Repair Service

Nationwide Maintenance and Repair Service

We understand the critical importance of maintaining the optimal performance of your refrigerated containers. That's why we offer a comprehensive round the clock nationwide maintenance and repair service, provided by our sister company Lankel Refrigeration. With over 20 years of experience in the refrigerated container industry our qualified engineers are experts in their field, dedicated to delivering exceptional customer centric service. Discover how our unrivalled expertise, extensive spare parts inventory, and comprehensive maintenance solutions ensure the reliability and longevity of your refrigerated containers.

Round the Clock Service and Monitoring
Experts in the Field with Extensive Experience
Customer Centric Service Approach
Comprehensive Spare Parts Inventory
Pre Trip Inspection (PTI)
Repairs and Warranty Coverage
Expertise with Leading Brands:
Carrier Transicold, Thermo King, Starcool, and Daikin.

Please ensure you adhere to below for best practice when units are on site

Maintain Appropriate Distance for Air Flow

Make sure the product is approx. 2 feet from back panel to allow for air flow

Monitor Defrost Duration and Temperature

Defrost should only last 45 mins, recheck temp once completed it should be coming back in range

Switch Off Unit During Extended Loading/Unloading

Switch unit off if loading/unloading will take longer than 10 mins, this will reduce power consumption as well as prevent ice to build up.

Keep Engine Area Clear

Do not obstruct or block engine of container.

Close Doors When Not in Use

Ensure doors are not left open unnecessarily.

Check Circuit Breaker for Power Issues

If you have a problem with your own power supply and then unit is off, check the main circuit breaker inside control door as this has probably tripped.

Position Unit Level for Proper Functioning

Unit must be positioned level to ensure drains can drains properly and for doors to open & close correctly.

Log Temperature Regularly

Temp should be logged a min of twice per day, if temp is out of range check back 45 mins later and if still out of range let us know.

Report Any Alarms

If any alarms are on machine, let us know, some are inactive and do not interfere with operation, but some will indicate a possible problem.

Check for Ice Build-up

Is there any ice build up

Allow Sufficient Time for Temperature Adjustment

If loading unit with a lot of stock, it may take a while for temperature inside unit to come into range.

Do Not Tamper with Machine

Do not tamper with machine under any circumstances.

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